Our Story

Born from the harsh Scandinavian winters and wet seasons, Elka provides protection from the elements with its technological know-how and workmanship deep heritage, producing technically advanced, functional water proof garments.




1958 - The beginning


The Elka story began in Karup, Denmark in 1958. Founded by Ejnar Lauridsen, the name Elka was derived by combining his initials (EL) and the city name (KA)


1979 - Building knowledge


At the helm of the Elka story is its relationship and history with the Danish deep sea fishing communities scattered around Denmark´s rugged coast lines. It is upon this backdrop Elka´s products have been tried and tested for over 40 years.


2007 - The first co-brand collection


Today, Elka continues in the same spirit; After being launched on to the fashion scene in 2007, ELKA developed its first co-brand collection with Ms. Rei Kawakubo of the Japanese brand Comme des Garçons.


2009 - Elka x Norse


In 2009, Elka embarked on its second collaboration with Danish design company Norse Projects. The Elka x Norse Projects rainwear collection is an ongoing success.


2012 - Elka launches first own-brand collection


To cater to the needs of a new age, Elka launched its first own-brand collection in 2012 directed towards a style and quality-conscious consumer under ´Elka Regntoej`


2015 - First womens collection


In 2015 Elka takes the step and goes from a unisex collection to a seperate men and womens collection.